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All Discount Cruises are Not Good Vacation Deals

That certainly does not seem like a proper title for a website dedicated to getting the very best cruise discounts for you! Welcome to A1 Discount Cruises! Our site is packed with tips, tricks and general cruise information to help you find the best cruise vacation at the best discount price.

Now back to the heading. Indeed all cruise discounts are not great deals - Some are fantastic! But how can you tell if you are in fact getting a good deal?



Research for your fabulous cruise vacation, contact me for help or even get a chance to win a FREE cruise for two to the Caribbean!



Discount Cruise to Princess CayFirst of all, what may appear to be a great cruise vacation to someone else may not appeal to you at all. Super discount pricing on this cruise would be no deal to you at all.

Now picture your ideal cruise vacation… Are you on a Caribbean Cruise during the cold and snowy Northern Hemisphere’s winter? Or is it a wonderful and romantic Mediterranean cruise? Perhaps an Alaskan Cruise fits the bill. Now a cruise discount for your favorite cruise becomes a better deal. But wait, there’s more!

Pick the cruise line that best fits your lifestyle. Is Carnival right for you with its “Funships”? What about a Romantic Getaway Cruise on one of the “Love Boats” from Princess with their “Personal Choice Dining” option. Perhaps a more intimate atmosphere of Celebrity Cruises or the elegance of Holland America or even Cunard is more appropriate.


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Cruise Ship VacationThe actual Cruise Ship and itinerary will have to be considered. Generally, the newer the ship, the more expensive the cruise. But you do often receive newer and more upscale amenities with the newer ship.

Next you need to consider what type of stateroom you would desire. Would you like a room with an outside view, a veranda or a suite? Or would an interior room suffice?



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Now picture yourself sitting on your private balcony late in the afternoon. You are having a little “downtime” with your special someone sipping a glass of fine wine while watching the sun setting over the turquoise water. Or maybe you are still on the Lido Deck enjoying the party atmosphere around the pool. Whatever your ideal vacation cruise would entail, relish in the thoughts. But Beware…

Cruises often sell out. If you want a special type of stateroom on a particular ship with a specific itinerary, you will need to book early. However, booking early can have a very positive effect on your cruise vacation pricing.

Many of the cruise lines actually offer early booking discounts as well as many other special offers and upgrades. Imagine that. You have found the perfect cruise for you and the company will give you a discount just for booking it early! This will also give you plenty of time to plan your Cruise Wear and to get toned-up to look your best at the Lido deck pool.

The beauty of researching and purchasing on-line is that you can get a number of quotes for your special vacation cruise from the comfort of your own home. And, you get to discuss and compare the quotes in private with no sales people pressuring you.

But you must plan and purchase early to get the very best stateroom. You may even get “bumped” up with a stateroom upgrade as the ship fills up.

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So start your planning now… today! Check out some pricing from the merchants whose links you’ll find on our pages. Discuss, compare and then book your well deserved cruise vacation on-line!

The benefit of a site like ours is that to find the right discount cruises for you, you don't have to set aside a large block of time to get cleaned up, drive to a 'brick and mortar' cruise or travel agency; spend a large amount of time with a travel or cruise agent and then be expected to make a snap decision. You can browse at your leisure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our merchants can price your cruise vacation or cruise wear needs without you having to even leave the house or office.

Great Cruise Discounts can be found On-Line!

On our site we have a large number of interesting articles to help you plan your special cruise getaway. Our main Article Map has links to specialized article maps geared toward the individual.

Have you ever felt pressured when vacation shopping? Perhaps a cruise or travel agent has tried to sell you a vacation of their choosing based on a discount or deal instead of listening to your desires. Would you prefer to get the information you need including cruise pricing and then discuss the options - in private and at leisure - with your travel companion while still being able to access more information?

If any of these questions or statements apply to you, then on-line shopping for discounted cruises and vacations is for you! Think of it! No more long trips to the "brick and mortar" travel agency in miserable weather. Information and pricing is available at virtually any time of the day or night. Whenever the mood strikes (like now!), fire up your computer and find the information you need to make an informed cruise vacation decision.

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Discount Cruise Shopping - Scenario One

Imagine sitting in your own home, glass of exquisite wine in hand, casually discussing the itinerary of your preferred exotic cruise vacation. You take another sip and ask "Should we have an oceanview stateroom or a veranda suite?" The reply comes back "Veranda of course!" You take another sip and punch the parameters for your special cruise vacation into your on-line merchant's website. Adding the same parameters to another merchant's site leaves you contented knowing that you will get extremely competitive discount pricing. There! Now you can enjoy another sip while anticipating your special cruise pricing and discounts. Compare the prices, weigh your options and purchase your cruise on-line right from the comfort of your home. Pour yourself another glass to celebrate your upcoming vacation!

Are there any GOOD cruise vacation deals on the net? Absolutely! In fact some of the very best cruise deals are available from our on-line merchants. You can actually get competitive cruise pricing from a couple of our merchants without having to travel back and forth between "brick and mortar" travel agents.  And, some of the most trusted names in cruise travel and vacations are available to you online!

Would you like to actually enjoy your cruise shopping experience without the stress of having to make a snap decision at a travel agency? We all have enough stress in our lives without adding that stress too.

Find a Cruise Deal - Shopping Scenario Two

It's a dark and stormy night. The stress of the week has been brutal. You say to your partner "We need a vacation". Your partner replies "Not just any vacation, a cruise vacation!" As the excitement builds, you realize that, in order to check out what's available and what the cost might be, you have to weather the storm brewing outside. The wind is blowing the heavy snowfall into a blinding blanket. Your heart sinks. Then you realize that you don't need to make the 20 or 30 mile trek in treacherous weather. You pour a glass or cup of your favorite beverage and sit in front of your computer. Browsing for cruises you come across! On our web pages are the direct links to a number of very reputable and competitive cruise merchants. Taking a sip, you set some parameters of the exotic climate cruise that already warms the chills from your body. In the privacy and comfort of your own home you get terrific cruise vacation discount pricing and are able to discuss them at leisure and in privacy. Choosing the very best deal, you purchase your special cruise vacation online and snub your nose to the nasty weather!

So what are you waiting for? When checking out the merchants on our site, fill in the information sheets with your special cruise parameters. Fill in the personal data required. Don't worry; it's in their best interests to keep this information private. Sit back and compare your quotations. Purchase your very special cruise online! All that's left to do is get excited!

Carnival is the world's largest cruise line and has been in business for over 30 years.  With 21 'Fun-Ships' in their fleet, their brand is recognized around the world for quality and affordable cruise vacations for everyone.


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