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Wedding Cruises offer unique ways to exchange vows in exotic places or on board magnificent cruise ships!

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Sail off into the Sunset!

Are you planning your special day and want it to be unique and unforgettable? Why not consider one of the wedding cruises available from the many cruise lines?  Most offer special packages or arrangements to make wedding cruises affordable, simple to plan and can provide a formal elegant atmosphere or a more relaxed and intimate environment.

Want to lessen the stress and burden even more?  Many cruise lines offer a service to provide all of the attire you may wish for your special wedding cruise.  You pack your cruise wear, and the cruise line's merchant provides the tuxedos and, if you wish, even the wedding dress!  All that is required is to plan this with the cruise line in advance as part of your wedding cruise preparations.


Wedding Cruises aboard cruise ships.

Imagine exchanging vows then sailing off into the sunset! This concept would appeal to many. You could have your wedding on board your cruise ship while cruising or while in port. There are some restrictions on "where and when" the exchange can take place. The cruise lines, in many cases will take care of all of the "red tape" involved. Some even use dedicated staff or professional wedding coordinators.

Some of the larger cruise ships have a chapel in which your vows can be exchanged. Alternately, there are a number of areas that could be appropriate based on the number of participants and the atmosphere desired.

The service for your romantic getaway can be performed by your own clergy person that you would be responsible making arrangements for. In some cases, the rites could be performed by a non-denominational officiant. In other cases your cruise ships' captain might perform the exchange.

Receptions on board can be arranged for passengers as well. These can be small private affairs, or as part of the every day operations of the ship. Hors d'hoeuvres, light lunches, or buffets can also be planned. An open bar for a designated time in one of the lounges can be arranged as well.

Experience your Wedding and Romance on a cruise

Destination Wedding Cruises.

As an alternative, you may choose to take your vows at one of the exotic ports-of-call. Again, there are some restrictions, but you will surely be able to find the right itinerary to suit your specific desires. Imagine exchanging vows on a tropical Caribbean beach, an exotic garden, or on the top of a glacier in Alaska! How much more exciting and unforgettable can a special day be!?!

As with the onboard wedding cruises, many cruise lines will help with all of the arrangements. Their dedicated staff are available to help plan and some cases even help execute the proceedings.


The aftermath - Honeymoon Cruises.

 Wedding Cruise Luxury

One of the beauties of wedding cruises is the fact that you do not need to travel to a honeymoon destination. You are already there! Less "hustle and bustle" and much less stress! What price can be put on that? With honeymoon cruises, there are a number of options available as with wedding cruises, but that is information for another article.

For more information regarding many cruises, cruise lines and cruise ships, check out some of the other informative articles. You may even find some great cruise discounts to your liking. Then book your wedding cruises on-line, relax and get excited!

If you have any questions regarding choosing the right cruise line for you, send us a note at info@a1-discount-cruises.com using the subject line "Questions".

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